Hate Them, Love Them But Care For Your Urban Professional Tools!

Often, you cannot adopt a gray attitude with your urban professional tools. You either love them for their versatility and functionality in your harried and hurried lifestyle or you hate them for their complexity and dysfunctions, but almost always never remaining indifferent to them. Regardless of how you feel about them, you have to take good care of them like these were your own babies. (Babies need love more than they need hate though) After all, the latest in urban professional tools are considerable investments that facilitate income generation through faster communication and easier information gathering.

In the Lap of Luxury
One of your most ubiquitous urban professional tools is your laptop. It is simply hard to miss with its bright silver casing, prominent company logo and ergonomic design. Unfortunately, it is also one the most fragile due to its slim dimensions, light weight, delicate LCD screen, and small internal components.

If you are to take good care of one of your most valuable urban professional tools, you need to remember the following common sense tips:

Keep your laptops cool by maintaining a relatively constant temperature ? neither too cold nor too hot. Depending on factors like air temperature, surface, air flow and usage, you should keep your laptops in the 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit range. You have to use the laptops in an environment that has air temperature at 80 degrees Fahrenheit and with good airflow to allow the hot air coming from them to disperse. Also, these urban professional tools can use accessories like a laptop stand for proper surface.

Do not mix business with pleasure when handling these urban professional tools. Eat and drink away from your laptops! And this goes for playing with the kids and the pet. Even the smallest of crumbs, the tiniest of drops and the slightest of bumps can irretrievably damage the keyboard, the LCD screen, and the whole unit.

Carry your laptops in secure laptop bags. Your investment in these accessories will pay off dividends in terms of protecting your beloved (or hated) urban professional tools from dust and dirt, not to mention the information thieves. Look at it as carrying your baby securely in your arms.

Clean your laptops regularly using the recommended cleaning materials and equipment, which comes in the instruction manuals of these urban professional tools. You clean your baby, don?t you?

Of course, you have to protect the internal components of these urban professional tools. So, you install updated anti-virus programs, put up firewalls, block pop-ups and initiate intricate passwords to keep your information secure from spyware, adware, and the wary eyes of your girlfriend.

In other words, baby your laptops in the lap of luxury and these will serve you most handsomely!

In Good Hands
No less ubiquitous and fragile are the favorite urban professional tools of teenagers and grandparents alike – the cellphones. From the popular iPhone to the new Google G1, from the numbered keyboard to the qwerty keyboard, from the clumsy brick called the DynaTAC8000X to the sleek Motorola RAZR, the rules for keeping these fast-changing urban professional tools remain the same:

Don?t drop them! Especially not anywhere near liquids, hard surfaces and your boss? head – all can result in damaged cellphones and ruined careers.

Don?t expose to extreme temperatures, particularly not your moods. These are urban professional tools used to communicate feelings and information via calls and text messages, not as instruments of expression you can slam, throw, lob, and dunk.

Don?t go dancing in the rain with them or let them go dancing with your perfume in your bag either. And that goes for exercising with them next to your skin, too. These urban professional tools hate the rain and moisture as much as you hate overtimes encroaching into your personal time.

Most importantly, you should always ensure that your cellphone is in good hands. You can always protect it from physical theft by keeping it in a secure location and from information theft with passwords and cellphone locks. In short, never ever let any of these urban professional tools out of your capable hands lest these fall into the wrong hands!

Ultimately, it is up to you to like your urban professional tools not only because these make your life easier but because these are beautiful, sexy things that you can be proud to own and flaunt. Even your teenage niece and savvy grandpa love them and so can you!

Things to Consider When Buying Your Baseball Equipment Bag

Sporting equipment required for baseball has evolved with time. Bats, gloves, mitts, safety gear like batting helmets, chest protectors, visors and shin guards and baseball cleats have all become part of today’s standard equipment. Lugging around all this gear from game to practice can easily become tiresome especially if you are using an old duffel bag for storage.
And let’s not forget that all this equipment doesn’t come cheap. And with the amount of gear around, it’s quite easy to forget an essential piece of equipment. There are few worse feelings on a baseball field than walking into the dugout, opening up your bag and realizing that you’ve forgotten your glove.
Thanks to modern technology, today’s baseball bat bags are designed not only to protect your gear from wear and tear but also to make them easy to carry around. You don’t need to suffer a sore shoulder carrying round that old duffel bag! Baseball bat bags are also equipped with special pockets and pouches for different equipment including your iPods, mobiles and wallets; being well organized becomes a breeze! You’ll now find it hard to forget that glove!
The great variety of baseball equipment bags around can easily confuse you. This little guide provides you with the basics to keep in mind while making your baseball equipment bag purchase.
– First evaluate the amount of equipment you need to carry. There’s no point buying a bag that’s too big or too small for your needs!
– Make sure your bag is made of the right materials. Nylon bags may be cheaper but thicker canvas bags endure more.
– The perfect bag is generally two-layered; a tough outer layer to prevent damage and a cushioned inner layer to protect your equipment from wear and tear.
Baseball bat bags come in different styles. Let’s look at the primary ones:
Standard Baseball Bat Bags:
These duffle-styled bags have been a staple of the game for decades.
Look for:
– Durable polyester construction
– Strong hauling handles for easy transportation
– Large storage capacity
– Multiple compartments for easy organization and
– Fence hooks to easily hang the bags on the dugout fence
Great: For more seasoned players and those who need to carry around a fairly complete assortment of gear
Try these if you want both hands free.
Look for:
– Padded back and shoulders for comfortable wear
– Durable construction
– Bat sleeves to hold your bats
– Medium sized main compartment for your basic gear
– Fence hooks to hang the pack in the dugout
– Accessory pockets
Great: For quick trips to and from the diamond. Or if you just need to pack some basics (glove, cleats and a couple of bats)
Rolling Baseball Bags:
They could be your standard baseball bat bags fitted with wheels or they could be nearly baggage type carriers.
Look for:
– Tough polyester construction with reinforced base for added durability around the wheels
– Extendable haul handles or Pop-up handles for easily hauling them around
– Massive storage capacity
– Multiple compartments for easy organization
– Fence hooks
Great: For seasoned players who need to easily carry around a large amount of equipment
Team Equipment Bags:
Designed to hold an entire team’s worth of gear.
Look for:
– Durable construction
– Dugout compartments to keep gear safe and organized for easy access
Great: For Coaches, Equipment Manager and travelling teams
Find the best respected online destination for baseball equipment shopping including a wide range of quality, durable baseball equipment bags and baseball bat bags from the best makers. Whatever your needs, you don’t have far to look if you know where to buy!

Custom Printed Reusable Grocery Tote Bags Rising in Popularity

Custom printed reusable grocery tote bags have been rising steadily in popularity over the years. This has seen more and more people use them as an alternative to other types of bags that are not environmentally friendly. Reusable grocery bags are especially liked by many shoppers who are earth conscious and are aware of the harm that disposable paper and plastic bags may cause to the environment.
These bags are not only kinder to the environment but they are also manufactured in a way that makes them attractive to the general shopping population unlike before. If you are looking to assist the planet earth, it would be worthwhile to consider using custom printed reusable grocery bags for your next promotional campaign. If you really want to do something in aid of the planet earth, custom printed reusable tote bags are the best alternative to paper bags and plastic. These environmentally friendly bags are great for maintaining the natural environment.
Earth lovers will be appreciative of custom printed reusable grocery bags and will be glad that you are promoting with sustainable, reusable bags. If your mission is to stop the carbon footprint while at the same time still continuing to provide style, fun, and a shopping experience that is convenient to earth lovers, the best that you can do is to promote with custom printed reusable grocery bags. Imprinted tote bags are a wonderful marketing tool for any grocery store, for businesses, schools, clubs or any organization because they make great gifts for any occasions.
Because of their raising popularity, if you give away such bags as promotional gifts, your recipients are bound to be very appreciative of your company’s efforts in conserving the environment. You will without a doubt make a connection with them and they will be your future customers because you are helping with something that they feel they can identify with. By supporting the environmental mission, you make sure that you are in the good books of many people who are actively involved in the same mission.
Stores, shoppers and regulators are embracing reusable shopping bags to reduce the number of paper and plastic bags that are in circulation. As these types of bags get even more popular, there is no better way to promote. These environmentally friendly tote bags are proving to be great vehicles to popularize any business. These bags are not only environmentally friendly but they are also altogether perfectly placed sized for groceries and are available in colors and fabrics that are adequate for your unique brand identity.
While custom printed tote bags are available in a number of materials, what is even more striking is that they are not dull and unattractive. They are actually interesting and appealing and they are made from a variety of materials which include hemp, jute, organic cotton, traditional cotton, nylon and polyester, recycled materials and non woven polypropylene. They are also available in a variety of styles and can be bought at wholesale prices and this means that they can fit any promotional budget. Custom printed reusable grocery tote bags are definitely worth giving a go.

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Luxurious Slumber Bags For Girls And Boys For Gift Giving

Have you been searching for high quality luxurious sleeping bags for boys and girls? If so, the internet offers many styles of girls’ sleeping bags and boys sleeping bags imaginable. With the help of an online search teen girls sleeping bags are readily available to ship right to your door. You’ll find the just the thing for boys sleeping bag and girls slumber bags. These make ideal gifts for birthdays and holidays. Kids love to plan sleep-overs and have movie nights right in the comfort of their own family room or living room and this product is a must have.
If you are thinking luxurious fabrics then you must consider the brand of Cricketzzz. This brand is well-known for luxury textiles. Cricketzzz and their styles will be of assistance when kids are trying to catch a little “zzz’s” at sleep-overs or grandmas house! Of course, the “zzz’s” (symbolizing sleep) is part of the company name, Cricketzzz and this brand is considered to be high-end and the quality is exceptional. Cricketzzz is well-known for their styles, fabrics and manufacturing of luxury slumber bags for boys and girls. Their slumber bags are as exceptional just as the kids for whom they are fashioned for!
Cricketzzz is very fussy about the textiles they use and they search for the trendy, hip and plushest fabrics on the marketplace and incorporate them into their line of slumber bags. They stick to this rule, and only use the highest quality textiles making their line a unique keepsake for children. Founded in 2004, this business has been featured in magazines, movies and on TV shows. These slumber bags have a price tag starting around $150.00 and up. The sleeping bags have 2 long straps at the bottom of the bag, so they simply wrap the strap around and store it.
If you are looking this holiday season for that truly extraordinary present for boys and girls then take into consideration this product. These slumber bags look almost like a one of a kind bag. What makes them very extraordinary is the detail that they are super soft and comfy on the outside and well as the inside. They are made to become a keepsake. Kids love to snuggle with them and these bags keep kids warm and toasty when they are at a friend’s house or camping out in their room. Cricketzzz slumber bags can be portrayed in one statement, Luxurious!

Promote Using Lifestyle and Promote With Promotional Cooler Bags

Businesses invest millions of dollars into finding out what makes consumers tick but you don’t have to be the CEO of Coca-Cola to know that there are two distinct categories that can be studied when it comes to the habits and movements of the wider public. There is the consumer as he/she exists in the working environment and the needs and interests associated with that environment. And there is consumer lifestyle.
Some people make a mistake with promotional products. They figure that they are a business so they’ve got to tailor their promotions solely for work. But lifestyle makes up the overwhelming majority of the market share as its related to consumer products and services. It’s time to shift the emphasis – to lifestyle products.
Lifestyle is important to people. That means products associated with lifestyle are very important to businesses that promote. The first reason for this is that the products are regularly used and regular use means regular promotion. The second reason is that items related to lifestyle are often personal items, so the consumer is associating your name and corporate logo with something important to them if you name and logo is on the product.
In the promotional industry, we put your profile on a range of products that reflect popular culture and lifestyle. Promotional Cooler Bags are a big seller now because they capture an element of the Australian lifestyle that is central to most recreative pursuits in this country – enjoying a cool beverage on a hot summer’s day.
This is a lifestyle we promotional providers want your business to be a part of. It identifies you with the Australian culture and it lends your image to a product that is both durable and high quality.
It also lends your business image to a passtime that is relevant. Relevance is the key to lifestyle and relevance is the key to promotion.

Paul’s Boutique Bags is Just One of the Many Places to Start Your Search For a New Set of Clothes

Many people wish for a wardrobe that’s full of colour and variation and there are tons of places you can go to in order to get the items you want. You will probably already know the main shops to buy clothing but there are a few boutique stores that are certainly worth considering.
There are a large range of boutiques throughout the world but one of the more famous ones is Paul’s boutique bags and clothing. You should be able to get some great deals at this store and it’s not always more expensive to buy from a boutique store rather than a high street shop.
There are a few things that you’ll need to think about if you’re planning on buying an entire new wardrobe.Firstly, you’ll have to think about a budget because it can be very expensive to buy a brand new set of clothing.
You’ll need to think about what sort of shops are suitable for your needs because you will be buying essentials as well as special items. A store such as Paul’s boutique bags and clothing will be ideal for picking up those one off special items that you’ll love.
Main essentials such as socks, strappy tops and underwear is best bought from stores like Matalan and Primark where you can get some great bulk deals. You’ll definitely have to remember that you will need essentials such as underwear because a lot of people forget about this when buying a new set of clothing.
You should try and buy all your essentials first so you can move onto buying exciting things from stores like Paul’s boutique bags and clothing. Make sure you budget accordingly because a lot of people overspend when it comes to accessories, shoes and bags. Plan ahead for what you might want.
It can really be worth it to go out and completely start over with your wardrobe – a lot of people find it to be a bit too expensive though. If you don’t want to buy it all in one go then you don’t have to. You can always choose to buy things gradually, perhaps one item a week or something.
It can be hard to stay up to date with fashions which is why a lot of people tend to neglect their clothes. However, what you wear says a lot about who you are. If you want to keep up to date then shopping in a store like Paul’s boutique bags and clothes is ideal because they only stock stylish clothing.
It can also be a good idea to find a friend or family member who will be able to give you honest advice about whether styles suit your figure. A lot of people seem to think that it’s really hard to find your own style but it really is as easy as finding things you like that suit your body.
Women usually have an hourglass, apple or pear shaped figure so you’ll need to know which figure you have to find items that suit your style. You will now need to do some major research to find out which clothes styles are suitable for your figure, depending on what it is.
It’s very easy to find this out – simply go onto Google and have a good search for “what not to wear” or perhaps some “style advice”. Shops like Paul’s boutique bags and clothing will have a few ranges of clothing that’ll be suitable for all body types but it’s always best to do some research.
Overall, buying a new wardrobe is very exciting but you’ll need to budget accordingly and also do a lot of research to make sure you are aware of what suits your body shape. A store like Paul’s boutique bags and clothing is a great place to go and get special one off items because they have all sorts of things for various shapes and sizes.

Why Promotional Totes Are For Effective Marketing

Promotional tote bags are regarded as one of the greatest marketing items available in the promotional industry today because they are simply very functional and can be used for many purposes and are beneficial in very many ways. Anyone who owns a these bags knows how valuable and beneficial these bags are especially because they are used almost on a daily basis. They are necessary for carrying groceries and for shopping and can be used to carry any other item that must be moved from one place to the other.
But what makes promotional tote very effective for marketing is the fact that they give a company complete exposure at any place and at any time and they are also the perfect giveaway item to use in marketing and advertising a business. With your company name, logo, website and message on the bag, you instantly give yourself a walking billboard. Everyone that sees the bag will see what is advertised on it and because you can have your company details imprinted in large format anywhere on the tote bag, the imprint can easily be seen because it is very visible.
There has been a wrong notion that tote bags are ugly and don’t look presentable. This has changed very much in recent years because many companies making promotional items have come up with very brilliant designs for tote bags. Most of the tote bags that are now being manufactured are very attractive and come in bright colors that are very pleasant and easy on the eye.
Another added advantage with the bags is their durability.Because tote bags are made with materials that are durable, they are designed to serve the recipients for a long time. This is a great advantage also for the companies looking to promote with a durable item as it gives them longer periods of visibility. The convenience of tote bags when using them as carry bags is another factor that makes them effective marketing items. They are very roomy and will serve anyone well when one has to carry lots of stuff.
Because the bags are used quite often, they are very mobile and this is a great advantage for the marketer. When they are used, they are taken from one place to the other and they become a very effective marketing tool for the company that uses them for their promotional campaigns. This gives the company a broader platform for brand exposure to a wider market of potential customers.
With all these advantages, one major advantage with the bags as promotional items is that they are not expensive to make and they are easy to design. They are also made using materials that are friendly to the environment and with this becoming a big issue, companies that choose to promote with tote bags will have the advantage of attaining mileage from this because many customers are now very conscious of the efforts to protect and conserve the environment.
With all of the above factors in mind, the promotional tote bag definitely stands out among many other promotional items and is one of the best and most effective for marketing a business. There is no other promotional product that possesses as many qualities as these bags. It is no wonder then that many companies have embraced the tote bag wholeheartedly.

How to Pick Colors for Screen Printing

Screen printing is a very easy-to use process. Commonly, materials such as sheer nylon and polyester fabric screens are used to print designs on fabric. Such paints and inks are used which are either no-VOC or very low in VOC. An important part is to decide the colours that you want to use. The items required for screen printing are: T-shirt or fabric, screen with designs, squeegee, screen printing ink and a flat surface. You need to think about the following things while deciding on the colours.

See the colour of the fabric that you are using. Light coloured shirts should preferably have designs in dark colours, and dark shirts in light colours. Choose a colour that is distinctly different from the background or the pattern will not be visible from more than a few feet away.

Think about the colour scheme that you desire for printing. A primary scheme makes use of the different shades of red, yellow and blue. Secondary colour scheme uses colour such as orange, green and purple which are made by combining primary colours. A monochromatic colour scheme employs different shades of the same colour, while complementary scheme uses colours which lie cross from each other on the colour wheel, such as purple and yellow, red and green and blue and orange. The factors which you should keep in mind while deciding the colour scheme are the colour of your fabric and the subject you are screening.

If you have white coloured fabric, remember that some colours like red and black stand out on white cloth. Yellow and white show off very much on dark fabric. In case you want to use light colours for designing a light coloured shirt, use a dark colour for outlining the design. If you are using more than one colour for design which touch or overlap, apply the background colour first. Allow it to dry completely and than paint the other colour.

Colours can be used to put across different messages. Dark and muddy colours have a certain meaning. Bright pastel colours have a very different one. Think about the effect you want to create on the viewer and the message you want to convey and than decide on the colour scheme.

Try different possible combinations and ask your friends and family about their opinion. If your designs are meant for selling to the general public or to use it as a team brand, it would be a good idea to know what the people think about your American audience, I really recommend Newtons Custom printed bags designs for creating their own unique designs under experts umbrella. You will glad to hear that they do not charge Setup charges and you will save around $30 to $80.

How to Make Toilet Installation Satisfying and Successful?


Is the toilet not working properly? Need to reset the existing one after a major repair? If yes, then there are still a few things to inspect before it’s too late and the toilet starts leaking. One of the key aspects is to ensure perfect sit level that doesn’t lift or rock on the floor, thereby making no compromise on the seal. Since the toilets are sealed to the flange with a ring, it’s necessary to make sure that their height and tightness are up to a certain level that create a watertight seal to prevent leaks. 

Flange Height Inspection

For successful toilet installation, the first and foremost thing is to look at the height of the flange. When old unit is removed, it’s the right time to measure its height as it should be ¼-inch above the floor. This measurement allows any kind of ring to take up the place. However, to get rid of unnecessary items or distractions off the floor, a flange extension can get the job done. Usually, they are ½ and ¼-inch in size and give a height raise of ½ or ¼ inch. 

Secure with Closet Bolts

To attach and affirm the toilet flange to the floor, use two closet bolts along with washers and nuts to hold them tightly. They are responsible to keep the bolts at one place during toilet installation, while also make their removal easy in the future. 

Placement of the Ring and Toilet

Selection of a ring to install on the flange is also important. Its size should be perfect for the holes so that it fits into standard drains and provides the perfect seal. Though, if the flange height in less than ¼-inch from the floor, then addition of an extra-thick ring can make a huge difference. Experts suggest not to install two wax rings because they may leak after some time. 

Level the Toilet

Before placing the final bolts into the toilet, be sure that its base is leveled and stable by rocking it carefully from all sides. If the level isn’t straight, then chances of leaks are significantly high. Correct this issue by slipping toilet shims between the floor and base to bring it in a stable position. 

The number and placement of shims should be based on the floor and toilet; as it is different for every case. By shimming the toilet before adding bolts ensures no loosing problem in the future. Once it stops rocking, a washer and nut can be used with each closet bolt to secure toilet at the place. 

Base Caulking

If the toilet shim sticks out from any side, it is recommended to cut it off and use silicone caulk to secure the base around the toilet. This makes installation of toilet more s

Radley Bags Rank High For Fashion Flair

Radley Bags
For fashion and fun, women turn to Radley, the UK label that has become popular worldwide. Radley bags are designer items that women sport proudly slung over a shoulder or carried alongside a beautiful outfit. One Radley purse sure to please is the Pocket Bag.
This cute number sports an adjustable across the body strap that makes carrying it in the city or while traveling a breeze. Instead of being merely utilitarian, the sturdy leather and fabric strap adds to the overall chic appearance of the outfit. Because of its slim shape, the Pocket Bag can be easily worn over a jacket or underneath.
Radley designers pride themselves on colorful, somewhat quirky styles. The line also holds a strong reputation for durable, long-lasting products. The Pocket Bag represents the label well.
Whether buying the small or medium-sized Pocket Bag, this sturdy purse will hold a variety of items inside its zippered interior. The medium size measures approximately 9″ x 10.” It is both useable and fashionable, which has proven itself a very popular choice among the hundreds of designs available from Radley. It was among the first designs presented to the world by this 12-year-old company.
Although available in other leathers of various colors, the patent leather pocket bag looks especially appealing. The glossy leather carries subtle but playful embossing. Modern flower designs come to light when viewed close up. They are subtle enough that they do not overwhelm the bag’s styling and limit its wear ability. Instead, the classic value of patent leather shines forth in a handbag that also looks modish. Like all Radley purses, the Pocket Bag sports the label’s signature Scottie Dog in silver.
Cheap Radley bags are available on both sides of the Atlantic. One can shop easily in the UK, online, or in the U.S. at selected Lord & Taylor and Bloomingdale stores. A special website devoted to U.S. sales is . The company offers its Buy 2, Get 1 Free deal on almost all items. The medium Pocket Bag retails in the U.S. at approximately $145. In Britain, the cost runs approximately A�79. For a gift or personal purchase, Radley’s Pocket Bag makes a wonderful choice for the well put together woman.