Tips For Using Hairspray

Hairspray, an extremely useful beauty product, can be the key to creating many beautiful hairstyles. However, using hairspray can be a bit tricky, and there are some techniques that are more successful than others. Applying hairspray badly can be a fashion disaster. Knowing some basic tips and tricks for using hairspray well will make it easier for you to create a successful hairstyle every time, without the glug factor.

First of all, your choice of hairspray is very important. There are many different types. Some hairsprays are made for low-maintenance functions, like the simple management of “fly away” hair, those stubborn little pieces that don’t stay in the correct place. Other sprays are more heavy duty, intended for extensive styling or thicker hair. Besides the purpose, many sprays are made to work better with companion products such as hair dyes or sculpting wax. Hairsprays also vary in content, so be sure to experiment and find what works best for your hair and purpose.

For a natural look that holds, put some hairspray on a brush before using it on hair. Doing this allows for the product to be brushed through the hair, not just applied on top of it, making it much more effective. Another method is to abandon the brush, and put the spray on the palm of the hand first, working gently through the hair from root to tip to ensure more coverage. As usual, after using either of these methods, apply a light coating of hairspray as usual to “seal” in the natural look when you have finished styling.

Some people overdo it with hair spray, causing the hair to become sticky and making the hair too solid. Using too much hairspray can lead to that crunchy, slightly greasy feeling and makes hair look damaged and processed. As well as reducing the amount of hair spray you use, another way to avoid this look is to make sure that after using hairspray you do not to automatically apply heat. Letting hairspray “soak in” first means it won’t react badly to a flat iron or curler, and hours later there won’t be any overly sticky or solid pieces.

A lot of women use the ?spraying hair upside down? trick but does it really add volume? When done correctly, yes it does. For best results make sure to apply the hairspray evenly on clean, residue-free hair. This will add impressive fullness and body, creating a naturally fresh look. To add even more volume, first blow dry hair upside down and then apply hairspray in the same position.

If you are trying to create extremely straight or very curly hair, applying hairspray to finish your style will help secure your look. Using the hands-on or hairspray-on-the-brush method, while creating the style, as mentioned above, is a way of providing extra insurance to make sure the hair style lasts. Whether you are going for a natural or more manicured look, a final thin, even coat of lacquer will help keep your hair looking great for as long as possible.