Hate Them, Love Them But Care For Your Urban Professional Tools!

Often, you cannot adopt a gray attitude with your urban professional tools. You either love them for their versatility and functionality in your harried and hurried lifestyle or you hate them for their complexity and dysfunctions, but almost always never remaining indifferent to them. Regardless of how you feel about them, you have to take good care of them like these were your own babies. (Babies need love more than they need hate though) After all, the latest in urban professional tools are considerable investments that facilitate income generation through faster communication and easier information gathering.

In the Lap of Luxury
One of your most ubiquitous urban professional tools is your laptop. It is simply hard to miss with its bright silver casing, prominent company logo and ergonomic design. Unfortunately, it is also one the most fragile due to its slim dimensions, light weight, delicate LCD screen, and small internal components.

If you are to take good care of one of your most valuable urban professional tools, you need to remember the following common sense tips:

Keep your laptops cool by maintaining a relatively constant temperature ? neither too cold nor too hot. Depending on factors like air temperature, surface, air flow and usage, you should keep your laptops in the 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit range. You have to use the laptops in an environment that has air temperature at 80 degrees Fahrenheit and with good airflow to allow the hot air coming from them to disperse. Also, these urban professional tools can use accessories like a laptop stand for proper surface.

Do not mix business with pleasure when handling these urban professional tools. Eat and drink away from your laptops! And this goes for playing with the kids and the pet. Even the smallest of crumbs, the tiniest of drops and the slightest of bumps can irretrievably damage the keyboard, the LCD screen, and the whole unit.

Carry your laptops in secure laptop bags. Your investment in these accessories will pay off dividends in terms of protecting your beloved (or hated) urban professional tools from dust and dirt, not to mention the information thieves. Look at it as carrying your baby securely in your arms.

Clean your laptops regularly using the recommended cleaning materials and equipment, which comes in the instruction manuals of these urban professional tools. You clean your baby, don?t you?

Of course, you have to protect the internal components of these urban professional tools. So, you install updated anti-virus programs, put up firewalls, block pop-ups and initiate intricate passwords to keep your information secure from spyware, adware, and the wary eyes of your girlfriend.

In other words, baby your laptops in the lap of luxury and these will serve you most handsomely!

In Good Hands
No less ubiquitous and fragile are the favorite urban professional tools of teenagers and grandparents alike – the cellphones. From the popular iPhone to the new Google G1, from the numbered keyboard to the qwerty keyboard, from the clumsy brick called the DynaTAC8000X to the sleek Motorola RAZR, the rules for keeping these fast-changing urban professional tools remain the same:

Don?t drop them! Especially not anywhere near liquids, hard surfaces and your boss? head – all can result in damaged cellphones and ruined careers.

Don?t expose to extreme temperatures, particularly not your moods. These are urban professional tools used to communicate feelings and information via calls and text messages, not as instruments of expression you can slam, throw, lob, and dunk.

Don?t go dancing in the rain with them or let them go dancing with your perfume in your bag either. And that goes for exercising with them next to your skin, too. These urban professional tools hate the rain and moisture as much as you hate overtimes encroaching into your personal time.

Most importantly, you should always ensure that your cellphone is in good hands. You can always protect it from physical theft by keeping it in a secure location and from information theft with passwords and cellphone locks. In short, never ever let any of these urban professional tools out of your capable hands lest these fall into the wrong hands!

Ultimately, it is up to you to like your urban professional tools not only because these make your life easier but because these are beautiful, sexy things that you can be proud to own and flaunt. Even your teenage niece and savvy grandpa love them and so can you!