How to Make Toilet Installation Satisfying and Successful?


Is the toilet not working properly? Need to reset the existing one after a major repair? If yes, then there are still a few things to inspect before it’s too late and the toilet starts leaking. One of the key aspects is to ensure perfect sit level that doesn’t lift or rock on the floor, thereby making no compromise on the seal. Since the toilets are sealed to the flange with a ring, it’s necessary to make sure that their height and tightness are up to a certain level that create a watertight seal to prevent leaks. 

Flange Height Inspection

For successful toilet installation, the first and foremost thing is to look at the height of the flange. When old unit is removed, it’s the right time to measure its height as it should be ¼-inch above the floor. This measurement allows any kind of ring to take up the place. However, to get rid of unnecessary items or distractions off the floor, a flange extension can get the job done. Usually, they are ½ and ¼-inch in size and give a height raise of ½ or ¼ inch. 

Secure with Closet Bolts

To attach and affirm the toilet flange to the floor, use two closet bolts along with washers and nuts to hold them tightly. They are responsible to keep the bolts at one place during toilet installation, while also make their removal easy in the future. 

Placement of the Ring and Toilet

Selection of a ring to install on the flange is also important. Its size should be perfect for the holes so that it fits into standard drains and provides the perfect seal. Though, if the flange height in less than ¼-inch from the floor, then addition of an extra-thick ring can make a huge difference. Experts suggest not to install two wax rings because they may leak after some time. 

Level the Toilet

Before placing the final bolts into the toilet, be sure that its base is leveled and stable by rocking it carefully from all sides. If the level isn’t straight, then chances of leaks are significantly high. Correct this issue by slipping toilet shims between the floor and base to bring it in a stable position. 

The number and placement of shims should be based on the floor and toilet; as it is different for every case. By shimming the toilet before adding bolts ensures no loosing problem in the future. Once it stops rocking, a washer and nut can be used with each closet bolt to secure toilet at the place. 

Base Caulking

If the toilet shim sticks out from any side, it is recommended to cut it off and use silicone caulk to secure the base around the toilet. This makes installation of toilet more s

Radley Bags Rank High For Fashion Flair

Radley Bags
For fashion and fun, women turn to Radley, the UK label that has become popular worldwide. Radley bags are designer items that women sport proudly slung over a shoulder or carried alongside a beautiful outfit. One Radley purse sure to please is the Pocket Bag.
This cute number sports an adjustable across the body strap that makes carrying it in the city or while traveling a breeze. Instead of being merely utilitarian, the sturdy leather and fabric strap adds to the overall chic appearance of the outfit. Because of its slim shape, the Pocket Bag can be easily worn over a jacket or underneath.
Radley designers pride themselves on colorful, somewhat quirky styles. The line also holds a strong reputation for durable, long-lasting products. The Pocket Bag represents the label well.
Whether buying the small or medium-sized Pocket Bag, this sturdy purse will hold a variety of items inside its zippered interior. The medium size measures approximately 9″ x 10.” It is both useable and fashionable, which has proven itself a very popular choice among the hundreds of designs available from Radley. It was among the first designs presented to the world by this 12-year-old company.
Although available in other leathers of various colors, the patent leather pocket bag looks especially appealing. The glossy leather carries subtle but playful embossing. Modern flower designs come to light when viewed close up. They are subtle enough that they do not overwhelm the bag’s styling and limit its wear ability. Instead, the classic value of patent leather shines forth in a handbag that also looks modish. Like all Radley purses, the Pocket Bag sports the label’s signature Scottie Dog in silver.
Cheap Radley bags are available on both sides of the Atlantic. One can shop easily in the UK, online, or in the U.S. at selected Lord & Taylor and Bloomingdale stores. A special website devoted to U.S. sales is . The company offers its Buy 2, Get 1 Free deal on almost all items. The medium Pocket Bag retails in the U.S. at approximately $145. In Britain, the cost runs approximately A�79. For a gift or personal purchase, Radley’s Pocket Bag makes a wonderful choice for the well put together woman.